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Welcome to livejournal.com's Thai Music Community. The purpose of this community is to discuss all things Thai music. This includes (but is NOT limited to): pop music, rock music, r&b/hip-hop/rap music, country music such as morlam, look-thung, and Thai classical music. You are allowed to post anything that has to deal with Thai music or Thai pop culture, including the less popular Thai country music, lookthung or morlam. You are also allowed to post any new releases, who you dislike (with explanations so there aren't any flame wars), who like, any concerts you've been to etc. Basically, you're allowed to start up any conversation that deals with Thai music.

Rules/Guidelines For The Community
1. Please respect each other.
2. Please do not post general questions about Thailand. If you wish to do so, please go to thailand for that. Thank You.
3. You can post music files on this community.
4. New Rule) If you're going to offer an album/single/VCD for download, offer it here as a direct download or any other format (torrents etc). It's fine to say where it originally came from (your journal, another community -- so in a sense community promotion is still okay; beware though if this is abused in the future, community/journal promotion will be banned altogether) but it is NOT okay to make joining another community/journal mandatory.


tetsuhiko and suboken

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